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Henry George: Prophet of the Gilded Age

Polly Cleveland , February 12, 2022
By Polly Cleveland In 1873, Mark Twain published his satirical novel, The Gilded Age, an era magnificently recreated in all its greed, ruthlessness and ostentation in the new HBO series of the same name. Post-Civil War business boomed under President Ulysses Grant. John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie founded the…

Federal Reserve Insider Dealing? R.I.P. Central Bank Independence

Thomas Palley , January 20, 2022
By Thomas Palley From the author’s blog, Economics for Democratic and Open Societies. Federal Reserve Vice-Chair Richard Clarida has shot himself in the foot with what appears to be insider trading. That comes on the heels of prior concerns about inappropriate trading by regional Federal Reserve Bank Presidents Robert Kaplan…

K. Saradamoni, 1928-2021

Chris Sturr , December 31, 2021
  We at Dollars & Sense close out 2021 by belatedly noting the passing of Dr. K. (Kunjulekshmi) Saradamoni, economist, feminist, and pioneer in gender studies/women’s studies and in Dalit studies. Dr. Saradamoni was author of numerous books, the most famous being her 1980 book Emergence of a Slave Caste:…

November/December 2021 Issue

Chris Sturr , November 13, 2021
Our November/December 2021 issue is being printed, and e-subscribers have received their digital copies!  (Not a subscriber? Subscribe now, here!) You can find the table of contents of the new issue here, and here is the p. 2 editors’ note: Why Quit Now? It should come as no surprise that…

Video of 10/26 Panel Discussion of “My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics”

Chris Sturr , November 4, 2021
Here is the recording of our October 26 panel discussion of Mary Filippo’s film “My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics,” with panelists Mary Filippo, Tim Koechlin, and John Summa, introduced by D&S co-editor Liz Henderson. For more information about the event, visit the event webpage.

Register Now! Screening and Discussion of “My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics”

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2021
On Tuesday, October 26 at 8pm EDT, Dollars & Sense will hold a free screening and panel discussion of Mary Filippo’s film “My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics.” Registration for the event is now open! Please click here to register for this event. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will then receive an email…

Review of “These Walls Between Us,” by Wendy Sanford

Chris Sturr , October 16, 2021
Review of: These Walls Between Us: A Memoir of Friendship Across Race and Class, by Wendy Sanford Review by Polly Cleveland I picked up the new book of my college classmate, Wendy Sanford, and immediately found myself plunged into some of the contradictions of my own life. Like me, Wendy…

September/October 2021 Issue

Chris Sturr , September 22, 2021
Our (very late) September/October 2021 issue is finally out! We have joint cover stories on Brazil’s economic and political crisis; one of them, by James M. Cypher and Guillermo Foladori, “Brazil’s Ten-Year Downward Spiral,” is posted here. The issue’s table of contents is here. And here is the p. 2…

Preparations for the “Next Afghanistan” Have Already Begun

Thomas Palley , August 22, 2021
Now that the twenty year-long US military expedition to Afghanistan has ended in catastrophe, the US Neocon establishment has already begun preparations for the “Next Afghanistan”. That process begins with blaming Joe Biden and rewriting history. Thus, Richard Haas (President of the Council on Foreign Relations) writes in Project Syndicate:…

The Black-White Wage Gap: How Inequality and Monopoly Amplify Racial Discrimination

Polly Cleveland , July 19, 2021
By Polly Cleveland Following the police killing of George Floyd last year, Howard University professor William Spriggs wrote, “Is now a teachable moment for economists?” Under a heading of Black Workers Stopped Making Progress on Pay. Is It Racism?, Eduardo Porter of the New York Times addresses the question. A…

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