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Miss TT

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2006
.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-t DSCN1104, originally uploaded by BenTG. Miss TT is 63 years old. She lives on General Pershing St, Ocean Springs, MS. Miss TT finally got a FEMA trailer last week, almost five…

Finally Real WiFi

Chris Sturr , January 25, 2006
This is the first time I’ve had high speed internet access since I’ve been in Mississippi and Louisiana. I have a few hours here at the Rue De La Course café in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans. I should now be able to deal with more of my photos…

Gerry Hall: "…out here was worse than New Orleans."

Chris Sturr , January 24, 2006
Last night, I interviewed Mrs. Gerry Hall, 72 years old, African American native of New Orleans, who has lived in the house that she owns in the Upper Ninth Ward for forty years. The house flooded badly and was then further ruined by mold. One of Mrs. Hall’s daughters, Violetta,…

Day 2: Bay St. Louis, Diamondhead, Gulfport, Longbeach, Pass Christian (Outline Version)

Chris Sturr , January 24, 2006
I was in the middle of writing about Day 2 last night, but it got very late, so here’s the outline of what I did yesterday (1/23). Today I should have some more time to catch up on writing and, if I can get on high speed internet access, posting…

Day 1: Arriving In Gulfport/Intro to the Gulf Coast

Chris Sturr , January 23, 2006
Yesterday (1/22), I got into Gulfport later than planned: my connecting flight from Atlanta to Gulfport was delayed, and I had to change my car rental because of some problems I had with my original reservation. I was fortunate that Gayle Tart met me at the airport, because I don’t…

Before Katrina: Fighting To Preserve Turkey Creek

Chris Sturr , January 19, 2006
While the fight for self determination for all residents of New Orleans—their right to return and to rebuild their communities—has not been the focus of mainstream news coverage, it is an issue that many readers have probably read something about. As in New Orleans, the interest of white developers in…

Turkey Creek: Historic African American Community In North Gulfport

Chris Sturr , January 19, 2006
North Gulfport is home to the historic African American community of Turkey Creek. In 1866, a small group of recently emancipated African-Americans exercised their newly acquired rights of citizenship, property-ownership and self-determination to purchase and settle the 320 acres or “eight forties” that came to be known as the Turkey…

Before Katrina: Modern Day Debtors' Prison In Gulfport, MS

Chris Sturr , January 17, 2006
Gulfport, MS was in the news over the weekend with a jaw-dropping story. Saturday’s US News & World Report told of a class action suit against the city, concerning what amounted to a debtors’ prison before Hurricane Katrina: Last July, a homeless man named Hubert Lindsey was stopped by police…

Gulf Coast Trip – January 22-29, 2006

Chris Sturr , January 16, 2006
This town has stood up in the face of thingsLots worse than a ninety mile windIt’s not bad storms I’m afraid of todayBut the greed that our leaders walk in. I’ll walk along the Boardwalk railAnd feel and hear this ninety mile galeI can hear the ocean mourn and groanAnd…
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