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Month: March 2018

Is The US Hypocritical To Criticize Russian Election Meddling?

Thomas Palley , March 27, 2018
Cross-posted at Social Europe. Thomas Carothers has recently written an article in Foreign Affairs, the prestigious elite journal published by the…

New Issue! Plus: Regional economic disparities and Hillary Clinton’s Unfortunate Remarks

Chris Sturr , March 15, 2018
Our March/April issue is at the printers (and in e-subscribers’ inboxes). (Not a subscriber yet? You can subscribe now here!)…

Re-theorizing the Welfare State and the Political Economy of Neoliberalism’s War Against It

Thomas Palley , March 9, 2018
This paper argues neoliberalism is engaged in a war against the welfare state. At issue are competing views regarding the…

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