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Month: February 2016

Galbraith Summary of the Friedman v. Romers Debate

James K. Galbraith , February 29, 2016
By James K. Galbraith, Professor of Government/Business Relations at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, the University of…

Yet More Links on Friedman-Sanders Kerfuffle

Chris Sturr , February 28, 2016
Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer, Senator Sanders’s Proposed Policies and Economic Growth. ¬†Finally, one of the “Gang of…

Black Students Matter: Why Sanders Is Winning Young Voters

Gerald Friedman and Mark Paul , February 24, 2016
By Gerald Friedman and Mark Paul The writers are respectively Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst…

More Links on Kerfuffle about Friedman’s Sanders Analysis

Chris Sturr , February 22, 2016
Here are more links related to the kerfuffle surrounding our columnist Gerald Friedman’s research paper on the likely macroeconomic effects…

Links on the Kerfuffle about Friedman’s Sanders Analysis

Chris Sturr , February 19, 2016
There’s been quite a fuss about our columnist Jerry Friedman’s analysis of the macroeconomic effects that implementation of all of…

The Poverty of Neoclassical Economic Analysis

Ron Baiman , February 19, 2016
By Ron Baiman, Chicago Political Economy Group     When I first got wind of the denunciation of Prof. Gerald…

Notes and Links on the Democratic Primaries

Chris Sturr , February 17, 2016
A round-up of some of the best things I’ve seen on the battle so far between Clinton and Sanders: Gerald…

Friedman Responds to Thorpe on Single-Payer

Gerald Friedman , February 5, 2016
By Gerald Friedman Find a pdf version of this statement here.¬† A distinguished professor and Chair of the Department of…

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