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Month: February 2015

Links on SYRIZA-Eurogroup Agreement

Chris Sturr , February 26, 2015
Links on Greece:  Now that the Syriza government has reached an agreement with the powers that be in Europe to extend its…

D&S on PBS!

Chris Sturr , February 14, 2015
We are featured in an episode of the PBS show Religion & Ethics Newsweekly! It airs this weekend–here’s the schedule…

Links on Higher Ed and Housing

Chris Sturr , February 13, 2015
(1) Higher ed:  There’s a nice piece by Jefferson Fish at Psychology Today‘s website, of all places, on the corporatization of…

Greece and TINA: Syriza Igniting Debates

Mike-Frank Epitropoulos , February 11, 2015
Margaret Thatcher coined the radical neo-liberal slogan/mantra, “There Is No Alternative”—what most of us know as, “TINA.” Naomi Klein brilliantly…

Cover Story, plus: Greece Links

Chris Sturr , February 8, 2015
(1) Cover Story Posted: Where Are Today’s Mass Movements?:  We have posted the cover story for our current issue, Where…

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