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Monday Links

No-Right-Onto-Joy(1) Bill Barclay:  Reproduction, Production, and the Gender Division of Labor.  An excellent piece by Bill Barclay of the Chicago Political Economy Group (CPEG) that I was supposed to post here in time for Fathers’ Day, but I was on the road (visiting my father) and spaced on it.  It is on the CPEG website.  This post has a very interesting discussion of how neoliberalism has “has industrialized much labor of social reproduction.” The paragraphs at the end about what truly “family-friendly” policies would look like is timely (even if I missed Fathers’ Day!) because of today’s White House Summit on Working Families. (A D&S author is in attendance and has promised a blog post on the summit.)

(2) Abby Scher, Leveling the Playing Field for Worker Cooperatives.  By former D&S co-editor and frequent D&S author Abby Scher, a piece at Truthout about New York City’s push for co-ops, including the city council and mayor approving “$1.2 million for training programs with the aim of incubating a minimum of 234 new jobs, 28 new worker coops and help another 20 existing worker cooperatives to grow.”

(3) Michael Hudson, Why the Tea Party and European Right Are Winning ElectionsThe Real News Network’s Anton Woronczuk interviews the great Michael Hudson about how it is that the right wing is making populist hay out of crony capitalism.  Hudson’s starting point is David Brat’s victory over Eric Cantor in the congressional primaries in Virginia, but he links that to recent electoral victories by the right in Europe (about which see Marjolein van der Veen’s piece in our last issue).

(4) Hector Luis Alamo, Jr., The U.S.-Created Child Migrant Crisis.  A useful piece about why the child migrants from Honduras and elsewhere in Central America are coming to the United States.  Could have something to do with a U.S.-sanctioned coup in Honduras?

That’s it for this week’s links.  I may make “Monday Links” a regular blog feature; if so, I will get in the habit of collecting a few more to post. (Readers should feel free to send in suggestions.)

–Chris Sturr




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