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Month: August 2013

King, Where Are Your People Now

Chris Sturr , August 28, 2013
. (1) March on Washington anniversary:  A few items on today’s 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for…

Quick Links

Chris Sturr , August 16, 2013
A few quick links before the weekend: The New York Times had a good piece by Steven Greenhouse on the…

How a Progressive Tax System Made Detroit a Powerhouse (and Could Again)

Mason Gaffney and Polly Cleveland , August 9, 2013
In 1995, we encountered a group of economic advisors to Governor John Engler of Michigan, intent on cutting property taxes.…

Krugman on Kalecki … and Marx

Chris Sturr , August 9, 2013
If you read the interview with Bob Pollin in our current issue, Beyond Debt and Growth, then you saw the…

Frackonomics, etc.

Chris Sturr , August 8, 2013
. (1) Frackonomics:  We’ve posted our July/August cover story, Frackonomics: The Science and Economics of the Gas Boom, by Rob…

Fast-Food Workers, Ethics, and More on Detroit

Chris Sturr , August 1, 2013
(1) Fast-Food Workers Strike:  I posted the other day about the campaign to embarrass McDonald’s about its low wages and…

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