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Month: April 2013

Oligarchs, BAdidas Victory, Retirement Scam, etc.

Chris Sturr , April 25, 2013
(1) Oligarchs on the Titanic:  Via Naked Capitalism, this clip of Robert Johnson of the Institute for New Economic Thinking…

HAP vs. RR on Debt-to-GDP and Growth

Chris Sturr , April 18, 2013
Many followers of this blog have probably already heard about the paper co-authored by frequent D&S author and UMass-Amherst econ…

Boston Marathon Bombing, Tax Day, P3 in El Salvador, etc.

Chris Sturr , April 16, 2013
(1) Boston Marathon Bombing:  We at Dollars & Sense are shocked and saddened by yesterday’s bombings at the finish line…

Thatcher, Chained CPI, Real Estate, etc.

Chris Sturr , April 10, 2013
(1) Select Anti-Thatcher Songs: Sinéad O’Connor—Black Boys On Mopeds Elvis Costello—Tramp the Dirt Down The Larks—Maggie, Maggie, Maggie (Out, Out,…

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