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Month: February 2013

Thaddeus Stevens, Social Revolutionary

Alejandro Reuss , February 26, 2013
One of the nominees for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at this year’s Academy Awards, Tommy Lee Jones, played…

D&S Authors on TV

Chris Sturr , February 24, 2013
(1) Failed Ambitions: Spain’s Economic Collapse:  Today’s image comes from this beautiful photo essay from this week’s New Yorker. It reminds me…

Austerity, MTA, Blinder

Chris Sturr , February 18, 2013
[Hat-tip to Byron S. for today’s image; he said it was posted to Facebook by St. Marks Bookstore.] (1) Blinder…

Raise the Minimum Wage or Cut Low-Wage Taxes?

Polly Cleveland , February 17, 2013
My son is a low-wage worker, a short-order cook. President Obama just called for an increase in the federal minimum…

Minimum Wage, Bankers’ Accountability, etc.

Chris Sturr , February 13, 2013
(1) Strange 1920s Valentines:  For more like today’s image, visit Retronaut (which is worth visiting anyway). I discovered these last…

New Issue and Two Articles Posted

Chris Sturr , February 5, 2013
New issue!  Our Jan/Feb issue is finally out (shipping to print subscribers now; already emailed to e-subscribers).   It may…

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