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Month: December 2012

The Keynesian Stimulus Spending Fallacy

Polly Cleveland , December 28, 2012
It’s a truism of pop Keynesian economics that consumer spending drives the economy; if spending slows in a recession, government…

Public-Private Partnerships (P3); misc.

Chris Sturr , December 18, 2012
(1) This post’s image:  Some elegant and amusing culture-jamming on an iPod ad on a NYC bus shelter, captured earlier…

Nov/Dec Editorial Note, Adidas and Sweatshops, Co-opoly, etc.

Chris Sturr , December 13, 2012
(1) Nov/Dec Issue:We’re still trying to get back on schedule with the magazine;  we didn’t make much progress toward that…

Capturing the Multinational Dragons’ Gold

Polly Cleveland , December 7, 2012
As medieval dragons do, the dragon in the Beowulf epic sleeps on a pile of gold. With magic sword and…

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