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Month: July 2012

Repost: Olympics, Swaps, Obits, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 25, 2012
(1) The Olympics:  Today’s image (above) is from a series of pre-Olympics billboard hijackings that a guerrilla group called Brandalism…

Repost: Hall of Shame for Tax Dodgers

Chris Sturr , July 24, 2012
by Sandra Korn [Orignally posted July 24, 2012] Two bits of news yesterday, sent to us by Alejandro Reuss: first,…

Repost: More on Libor; Prison Gerrymandering; Private Equity

Chris Sturr , July 17, 2012
by Chris Sturr  [Originally from July 17, 2012] (1) A bit more on Libor:  The Boston Globe had a piece…

LIBOR Scandal; More on Swaps

Chris Sturr , July 13, 2012
(This post’s “possibly irrelevant image” comes from an incredible series of Kodachrome photos at English version of Pavel Kosenko’s blog.…

Pampering Pooches, Shooting Seals

admin , July 11, 2012
(1) Pampering Pooches Wealth inequality has reached a new high (or low): Paris Hilton’s dogs are now worth more than…

Occupying Student Debt

admin , July 6, 2012
In our January/February issue, Dan Schneider profiled the Occupy Student Debt Campaign, a movement that brought attention to the trillion…

Criticism for Boston Cops Union

admin , July 2, 2012
Last month, D&S co-editor Chris Sturr posted to this blog about the January/February 2012 issue of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s…

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