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Month: March 2012

Greece/Eurozone panel; Dying for Growth; Links

Chris Sturr , March 30, 2012
(1) Panel discussion with Mark Weisbrot, Jeffrey Frankel, and Richard Parker: I went to the panel discussion that D&S co-sponsored…

Left Forum, Mark Weisbrot, etc.

Chris Sturr , March 22, 2012
(1) Left Forum: Left Forum 2012 was a big success and a lot of fun.  Most of my time was…

Goldman and Greece, etc.

Chris Sturr , March 7, 2012
(1) Goldman Sachs and Greece: A piece in Bloomberg about how Goldman made a “secret loan” to Greece in 2001…

New Issue! Plus Links

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2012
(1) May/June Issue: We have sent our May/June issue to our e-subscribers, and we’ve sent the issue to our printers; …

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