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Month: October 2011

#OccupyOakland Raid, Bill Black, and more

Chris Sturr , October 27, 2011
I’ve got a backlog of stuff to post–it will be mostly links, and in no particular order.  Here goes: (1)…

Freedom Plaza and BoA Action in DC

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2011
A quick report from DC: On Thursday around lunch time I visited the other #OccupyDC encampment, at Freedom Plaza.  It…

Quick Update from DC; America Beyond Capitalism

Chris Sturr , October 20, 2011
(1) Quick Visit to #OccupyDC: I stopped by one of the two #OccupyDC encampments last night.  The Mcpherson Square encampment…

Charts, Comix, Columnists

Chris Sturr , October 17, 2011
(1) Incredible Charts from BusinessInsider: Hat-tip to Arjun Jayadev, who inaugurated the series of teach-ins we’ve been organizing for #OccupyBoston,…

Hillbilly Nationalists, Radical Greasers, & Black Power

Chris Sturr , October 17, 2011
This is a book launch for a book co-authored by James Tracy who has written for D&S.  7pm tonight. I…

“I’m Getting Arrested!” Droid App; etc.

Chris Sturr , October 14, 2011
(1) “Help–I’m Getting Arrested!” Droid App: Hat-tip to Julio Huato on lbo-talk: at CNET Jaymar Cabebe reviews a new Droid…

Video of Arjun Jayadev’s Teach-In

Chris Sturr , October 12, 2011
Find a video of Arjun Jaydev’s teach in at the #OccupyBoston Free School University Facebook Group Page, here. I am…

Alejandro Reuss and Juliet Schor on Friday

Chris Sturr , October 12, 2011
(1) More Teach-Ins on Friday!: Alejandro Reuss of the UMass-Amherst Labor Center and a Dollars & Sense Associate and Juliet…

#OB Crackdown; More Teach-Ins; etc.

Chris Sturr , October 11, 2011
(1) Teach-Ins Continue at #OccupyBoston: UMass-Boston economist Arjun Jayadev did a great teach-in yesterday at #OccupyBoston. His focus was on…

#OccupyBoston Teach-Ins, etc.

Chris Sturr , October 10, 2011
(1) Great Press for OWSJ and #OWS: In addition to the above photo featuring my #OWS protest comrade Amy Offner…

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