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Month: September 2011

#OccupyWallStreet; ”Stop Resisting! Stop Fighting!”

Chris Sturr , September 28, 2011
(Sorry–no picture today–the post is already too long, and there are two embedded videos. Even if you skim, though, please…

Suskind on Obama via DeLong

Chris Sturr , September 21, 2011
Brad DeLong posted these very interesting excerpts from Ron Suskind’s new book Confidence Men on his blog: Maybe this is…

Documentary about Gene Sharp–3pm Sunday in Boston

Chris Sturr , September 16, 2011
  Gene Sharp Biopic: This Sunday at the Boston Film Festival is the Boston premier of a biopic about Gene…

Rank-and-File Economics | 9/11 | Ponzi | Floods

Chris Sturr , September 13, 2011
(1) Rank-and-File Economics:  I have just posted the cover story from our Sept/Oct 2011 Annual Labor Issue, Rank-and-File Economics: Fighting…

Annual Labor Issue!

Chris Sturr , September 1, 2011
(1) Annual Labor Issue! Our September/October 2011 issue has been printed and is shipping out now.  E-subscribers have already received…

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