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Month: May 2011

Can Killing Government Prevent Special Interest Capture?

Polly Cleveland , May 30, 2011
In my last post on meat markets and securities markets, I argued that competitive markets require government oversight to prevent…

Europe Slumming, foreclosure rulings, etc.

Chris Sturr , May 27, 2011
(Click on the image above–it is from a very interesting exhibit from 2005.) (1) Europe Slumming It: Last month the…

Seniors, Students, and Who “Creates Jobs”

Chris Sturr , May 19, 2011
(1)  Seniors: Hat-tip to regular blog reader TM for alerting us to an op-ed by WashPo economics blah-blah-er Robert Samuelson…

Blog is back up; Right targets NLRB

Chris Sturr , May 15, 2011
A quick post, now that the blog is back up. (Thanks to D&S subscriber and WordPress expert Shaun S. for…

New Issue; Bill Black on Le Show

Chris Sturr , May 4, 2011
(1) May/June issue in the mail: E-subscribers have received their May/June issue, and print subscribers should be receiving it shortly. …

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