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Month: April 2011

Right-wing attacks labor studies

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2011
We were outraged to learn about the recent attack on our friend and colleague Judy Ancel, by the unscrupulously malignant…

Dodd-Frank revisited

Chris Sturr , April 26, 2011
A headline in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had me wondering whether their proofreader had missed an extra comma: Wall Street,…

Last-Minute Tax-Day Actions

Chris Sturr , April 18, 2011
I always do my taxes at the last minute, so it’s characteristic of me to be doing a post on…

AP and USA Today Fall for GE Tax Repayment Hoax

Chris Sturr , April 13, 2011
Another hoax perpetrated by the Yes Men is going on right now in real time. Here’s the fake press release…

Friends with Benefits; Unpaid Work; Events; etc.

Chris Sturr , April 8, 2011
(1) Friends with Benefits: A nice and timely post from the Focal Point blog at Big Think (which is where…

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