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Month: March 2011

John Miller at US Uncut Protest; Jonathan Rowe

Chris Sturr , March 30, 2011
1. U.S. Uncut Teach-In John Miller, D&S collective member and columnist, participated in a recent US Uncut teach-in. (Here is…

Left Forum and UALE

Chris Sturr , March 22, 2011
Apologies to regular blog readers–I have been too busy going to, and preparing for, conferences to find good material on…

D&S Panel at Left Forum

Chris Sturr , March 17, 2011
D0llars & Sense is sponsoring a panel discussion at this year’s Left Forum  on the state of the banking sector. …

Vegan Protest Fuel in Madison, and more

Chris Sturr , March 11, 2011
(1) Vegan Protest Fuel: Today’s syllogism: “All Wisconsinites may be cheeseheads, but not all Wisconsinites eat cheese,” therefore, vegan demonstrators…

Activists Shut Down BoA Branch in D.C., and more

Chris Sturr , March 8, 2011
(1) NPA Activists Shut Down BoA Branch in D.C. From today’s Democracy Now!: Activists Shut Down Bank of America Branch…

NYS Assembly Hearings on Property Tax Cap

Chris Sturr , March 2, 2011
    Polly Cleveland, author of our current lead article, Restore the Original Wealth Tax, testified before the New York…

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