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Month: February 2011

Steve Early talk in Cambridge, Tuesday 3/1

Chris Sturr , February 28, 2011
Steve Early speaks about “Capital’s War on Labor, Labor’s Civil Wars” Tuesday, March 1, 7 to 8:30 PM @ Porter…

March/April issue: Tax the Rich!

Chris Sturr , February 25, 2011
I have lots of stuff to link to; I hope to get to them soon. I have been working to…

Homelessness Marathon–TONIGHT

Chris Sturr , February 23, 2011
Sorry for the late notice;  this is an inspiring annual radio event–well worth listening to (part of it, anyhow). The…

Obama’s Budget; Wisconsin

Chris Sturr , February 18, 2011
(1) Obama’s Budget: Our trustworthy source for analysis of Obama’s 2012 budget proposal:  The National Priorities Project: Presidents Budget 2012:…

Can Cyberspace Liberate Us from Earthly Space?

Chris Sturr , February 17, 2011
From Polly Cleveland: The internet, it has long seemed, frees us from the bounds of location. We can work from…

Wisconsin, Tim DeChristopher, etc.

Chris Sturr , February 16, 2011
(1) Protests in Wisconsin against Republican Threats to Labor: Earlier today I spoke with Roger Bybee, who’s written articles for…

Mubarak Resigns (Al Jazeera)

Chris Sturr , February 11, 2011
Al Jazeera has reported that Mubarak has resigned.  But–the news came via Omar Suleiman, whom Mubarak named as vice president. …

Mubarak Clings to Power

Chris Sturr , February 11, 2011
Robert Fisk from the Independent: To the horror of Egyptians and the world, President Hosni Mubarak – haggard and apparently…

Mubarak Likely to Step down Today

Chris Sturr , February 10, 2011
According to Reuters and the New York Times, Mubarak is likely to step down later today.  However, the recently appointed…

More on Egypt; Reagan; Unemployment

Chris Sturr , February 8, 2011
(1) More Links on Egypt: I promised more links;  here they are: —The latest from Middle East Report online, Into…

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