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Month: January 2011

More on Property Taxes; More on Bill Black

Chris Sturr , January 25, 2011
(1) More from Polly Cleveland on Property Taxes: A couple of posts ago I complained about the New York Times’…

Restore the Original Wealth Tax (Polly Cleveland)

Chris Sturr , January 22, 2011
To Save Essential Public Services, Restore the Original Wealth Tax! By Polly Cleveland, on January 17th, 2011 State and local…

Regulatory Review; EconoFAQs on QE2

Chris Sturr , January 21, 2011
(1) Bill Black on Obama’s Regulatory Review: I had to chuckle at the Times’ headline about Obama’s regulatory review a…

Still Banking on Fraud (William K. Black)

Chris Sturr , January 18, 2011
Bill Black Is Everywhere: We just posted the feature article by Bill Black (aka William K. Black, professor of economics…

The Revolutionary MLK

Chris Sturr , January 17, 2011
Making King Bland: Every year on MLK Day, a bland liberal version of Martin Luther King is celebrated, and leftists…

ASSA; NYT: Socialism = enemy

Chris Sturr , January 12, 2011
I was not going to do another blog post until I’d returned from my trip out west for the Allied…

Trouble for BofA; Cash for Gaza?

Chris Sturr , January 5, 2011
(1) More bad news for Bank of America: Earlier this week Bloomberg and other outlets reported on the settlement that…

The Depression, Brave New World, 1984

Chris Sturr , January 3, 2011
(1) Comparisons with the Great Depression: The cover story for our Jan/Feb Issue, which is just going to the printers…

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