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Month: December 2010

Defend Ohio- -Stop Kasich

Chris Sturr , December 29, 2010
Defend Ohio–Stop Kasich: Hat-tip to D&S pal Taki M. about this rally, organized partly by sometime D&S author Dan La…

A Code of Ethics for Economists

Chris Sturr , December 25, 2010
A quick holiday post: Hat-tip to KH about Gerald Epstein’s effort to get economists to adopt a code of ethics…

Senator Sanders’ Socialism (Nancy Folbre)

Chris Sturr , December 21, 2010
(1) Nancy Folbre at the New York Times’ Economix: A nice piece about Sanders’ filibuster against the tax compromise: When…

Tax Deal Endangers Social Security, etc.

Chris Sturr , December 14, 2010
(1) Tax Deal Endangers Social Security: From Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, an interesting analysis…

Balance on Assange Charges

Chris Sturr , December 8, 2010
Our fantastic cartoonist Barry Deutsch texted me to ask for more balance on the question of the sexual assault charges…

Assange Arrested, Austerity, Textbooks rated, etc.

Chris Sturr , December 7, 2010
(1) Julian Assange Arrested in London: The head of WikiLeaks turned himself in to Scotland Yard, was arrested, and was…

Obama’s PATCO; the Fed’s Wikileaks; Jobs

Chris Sturr , December 3, 2010
(1) Obama’s PATCO? Is the Federal Pay Freeze Obama’s PATCO? asks Mike Elk at In These Times‘s labor blog Working…

Record Profits; Wikileaks and Bank of America; etc.

Chris Sturr , December 1, 2010
(1) Record Profits in 3rd Quarter: In case you missed it last week while making pumpkin pie, U.S. companies just…

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