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Month: November 2010

Cat-Food Commission, Deficits, etc.

Chris Sturr , November 23, 2010
(1) The Cat-Food Commission–Oops!–I Mean the Deficit Commission: Two new articles posted to the D&S website just now:  Deficits: Real…

Bob Pollin on QE2 and Deflation

Chris Sturr , November 19, 2010
I have been feeling guilty about having posted that funny but misleading video yesterday (they made fun of the Fed’s…

QE2, London Protests, Banks in Trouble

Chris Sturr , November 18, 2010
(1) More on QE2: Here is an amusing video (hat-tip to Steve Schnapp of United for a Fair Economy, our…

More on Academic Kickbacks

Chris Sturr , November 17, 2010
When he read my last post, Rob Larson (author of the cover story in the current issue of D&S) forwarded…

An Evening with Fancy Economists

Chris Sturr , November 15, 2010
Readers of this blog may remember that I visited the American Academy of Arts and Sciences last spring for a…

Banks to Cash in on QE2 (Yves Smith)

Chris Sturr , November 9, 2010
More on QE2–just hit my inbox, an interview with Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism on the Real News Network;  sounds…

Nov/Dec Issue, QE2, etc.

Chris Sturr , November 9, 2010
[This posting’s potentially irrelevant image–one taken by me, around the corner from my place. The marina has been having all…

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