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Month: October 2010

Why France Matters, plus…

Chris Sturr , October 28, 2010
[This post’s “possibly irrelevant image” is a detail from the cover of the new edition of Real World Banking and…

Foreclosures, Temps, Freelancers, etc.

Chris Sturr , October 18, 2010
(1) The House that Set off the National Furor over Faulty Foreclosures:  That’s how a great article in last Thursday’s…

Foreclosure Trouble, etc.

Chris Sturr , October 12, 2010
(1) “Foreclosuregate” and the too-big-to-fail banks:  The blogosphere is abuzz about the trouble the big banks seem to be in…

Various items

Chris Sturr , October 6, 2010
(1) Emmanuel Saez wins a MacArthur fellowship. With co-author Thomas Piketty, Saez has done great research on income inequality in…

More on Rich People; Islamophobia at Harvard

Chris Sturr , October 1, 2010
(1) Follow-up on yesterday’s post:  If you didn’t get your fill of the controversy about the whiny U. of Chicago…

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