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Month: September 2010

The Whiny, and Undeserving, Rich

Chris Sturr , September 30, 2010
I have been meaning to blog about a lot of stuff recently, and I hope to do another post tomorrow…

Recession Long Over! (?); plus: Thank God for Bailouts!

Chris Sturr , September 21, 2010
(1) Recession Ended in June ’09, Declares NBER: The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research…

Animal Spirits, by Akerlof and Shiller

Polly Cleveland , September 21, 2010
Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism, by George Akerlof and Robert…

The Myth of Overcompensated Public Employees

Chris Sturr , September 17, 2010
Two new studies debunk the idea, prevalent in these days of threatened austerity, that public employees are “overcompensated.” It only…

Basel; Older Workers; Mott’s Strike; IMF

Chris Sturr , September 14, 2010
(1) Basel III Underwhelms.   Global banking regulators came out with new rules on Sunday, mostly regarding capital reserves.  Here’s what…

A Plan B for Obama; Education Bubble

Chris Sturr , September 9, 2010
(1) What we would like Obama to do: From Thomas Palley’s contribution to Martin Wolf’s Economists’ Forum at FT.com: Plan…

Immigrants Build the U.S. Economy

Chris Sturr , September 3, 2010
Just one item today, in preparation for Labor Day–a nice post from Mark Engler’s blog over at Dissent: Labor Day:…

New Issue, Lump of Labor, etc.

Chris Sturr , September 2, 2010
(1) 2010 Annual Labor Issue:  This year’s annual labor issue has printed and will ship out today or tomorrow (so…

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