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Month: July 2010

Arizona Injunction; Baker on CBO and SS

Chris Sturr , July 28, 2010
(1) Possibly Irrelevant Image for today: (2) Judge Blocks Az. Law S.B. 1070. Breaking news–U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton…

Black on Dodd-Frank; USAS Victory; etc.

Chris Sturr , July 27, 2010
Various items: (1) New Blog Feature:  Possibly Irrelevant Images. With this post I inaugurate a new feature for the D&S…

G20, Deficits, etc.

Chris Sturr , July 20, 2010
A few items about the G20 meetings have been languishing on my desk (or rather as tabs in my browser).…

Three Big Headlines: BP, Banking, Goldman

Chris Sturr , July 16, 2010
Wow–three big headlines today: (1) BP supposedly manages to cap the Deepwater Horizon well–for now, at least–after 87 days of…

The Root of Economic Fragility (Reich)

Chris Sturr , July 14, 2010
Interesting piece from Robert Reich’s blog.  An excerpt: The Root of Economic Fragility and Political Anger Tuesday, July 13, 2010…

Financial Reform Inches More

Chris Sturr , July 13, 2010
It now appears that with Scott Brown (our “populist” senator from Massachusetts) has agreed to support the reconciled version of…

History of BP and Transocean

Chris Sturr , July 9, 2010
Yestesrday’s Times had an article about the alleged misdeeds of Transocean, the company that owned (still owns, I suppose) the…

Dean Baker on David Brooks

Chris Sturr , July 7, 2010
Dean Baker posted a great response to that David Brooks column I mentioned yesterday.  Here’s what he says: The Arrogant…

The Bleak Jobs Picture

Chris Sturr , July 6, 2010
Friday’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was bleak. Though the unemployment rate went down to 9.5% (from…

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