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Month: June 2010

Banking Reform Inching Forward (or Backward?)

Chris Sturr , June 30, 2010
The dust is slowly settling on the reconciled version of the banking reform bill, as we find out what deals…

July/August 2010 Issue

Chris Sturr , June 30, 2010
We have sent our July/August 2010 issue to the printers, and we will soon be emailing it to e-subscribers. (Not…

Several Items on Immigration

Chris Sturr , June 28, 2010
Several items on immigration I have been meaning to post: (1) From D&S collective member and frequent author Alejandro Reuss,…

Several Items on BP and Offshore Drilling

Chris Sturr , June 24, 2010
I really can’t recommend Global Research’s page on the BP disaster enough.  It’s not (or not mostly?) original content, but…

Extra! on Inequality; ICE at Gulf Spill

Chris Sturr , June 11, 2010
Two more items: (1) The current issue of Extra!, the magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, is about inequality,…

Several Items on Banking Reform

Chris Sturr , June 11, 2010
Some items on banking reform, which is still in reconciliation: According to the Wall Street Journal and other outlets, Democrats…

Several items on BP Spill

Chris Sturr , June 9, 2010
Multiple apologies again for the skimpy posting lately–things have been busy here at the D&S office. I hope we can…

Banking Reform, Blowouts, Plumes, etc.

Chris Sturr , June 2, 2010
A few items (apologies again for so few posts lately–the energy I’d be putting into posting has gone into fixing…

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