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Month: April 2010

Charter Cities

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2010
An NPR interview with Stanford economist Paul Romer today caught my ear. He was talking about his “charter cities” project.…

Can Invading a Small Third-World Country Stimulate the Economy?

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2010
Reviewing Reinhart and Rogoff’s This Time is Different in the May 13 issue of the NY Review of Books, Paul…

Who's Afraid of Debt and Deficits?

Chris Sturr , April 24, 2010
We just posted material from the May/June, 2010 issue of Dollars & Sense, including Marty Wolfson’s article on myths of…

Follow Up on Poterba on Capital Markets

Chris Sturr , April 16, 2010
In my most recent blog post, about last night’s event at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, I said…

An Evening with Fancy Bankers

Chris Sturr , April 16, 2010
Chris Sturr, D&S co-editor, here. A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend the “1,954th Stated Meeting” of…

Breaking News: SEC Sues Goldman Sachs

Chris Sturr , April 16, 2010
Just posted to the NYT website: U.S. Accuses Goldman Sachs of Fraud By LOUISE STORY and GRETCHEN MORGENSONPublished: April 16,…

Several Items: Greece, Taxes, Bond Market

Chris Sturr , April 15, 2010
Today’s items: (1) Taxes: Since it’s tax day, it’s time to dispel some of the myths around taxation. For this…

Several Items: Citigroup/stimulus, TBTF, Quakes

Chris Sturr , April 9, 2010
I will continue to post in digest form (multiple items) for a while—no luck on migrating the blog just yet.…

Steven Greenhouse at JP Forum This Thursday

Chris Sturr , April 6, 2010
This week at the Jamaica Plain Forum; hat-tip to Chuck C. Why We Can’t Get Ahead: Job Challenges for the…

Several Items: Medicare, Haiti, Taxes, Tea Baggers

Chris Sturr , April 2, 2010
While Blogger continues to screw up our blog, and until we can migrate to WordPress, I may start posting multiple…

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