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Month: March 2010

Obama's Pick to Head Medicare/Medicaid

Chris Sturr , March 31, 2010
Our last post was about Obama’s bad choices for his debt commission—people who want to loot Social Security. But there…

Social Security Looters

Chris Sturr , March 29, 2010
We received this comment from Matthew Skomarovsky of LittleSis, the “involuntary Facebook of powerful Americans” (if you haven’t check out…

Drumbeats on Social Security

Chris Sturr , March 28, 2010
The New York Times had something of a scare-mongering front-page article on Social Security the other day. The new reason…

Health Care Reform: A Victory for the Little Guy?

Chris Sturr , March 24, 2010
David Leonhardt, the New York Times economics reporter, has a cover story in today’s paper, In Health Bill, Obama Attacks…

Obamacare: "Asprin for Cancer" (PNHP)

Chris Sturr , March 23, 2010
It has become an annual Left Forum tradition for some D&S folks to meet up with D&S friends over dinner…

D&S @ Left Forum

Chris Sturr , March 19, 2010
Come visit the D&S exhibit table at the 2010 Left Forum, Pace University, New York City, this weekend—March 19-21. Meet…

Black and Spitzer on Lehman Fraud

Chris Sturr , March 16, 2010
More on the scandal that is brewing in connection with the last months of Lehman Bros.: Today’s New York Times…

Synergy in Security

Chris Sturr , March 16, 2010
An article in yesterday’s New York Times, Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants, traces the efforts of…

Lehman: The Art of the 'Sale'

Chris Sturr , March 14, 2010
Friday saw the release of a mammoth official report on the demise of the late, lamented Lehman Brothers. Written by…

(Repost from March 9:) Items on Greece

Chris Sturr , March 11, 2010
A couple of items on Greece: First, Mike-Frank Epitropoulos, who is working on an article for us on the Greek…

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