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Month: February 2010

Why Not End Homelessness Now?

Chris Sturr , February 23, 2010
Here is the press release for the 13th annual Homelessness Marathon, an annual overnight radio broadcast on homelessness and poverty.…

Greenspan Wins Dynamite Prize

Chris Sturr , February 22, 2010
From the folks at the Real-World Economics Review (formerly the Post-Autistic Economics Review); they initially called this the “Ignoble Prize…

Wall Street's Bailout Hustle (Matt Taibbi)

Chris Sturr , February 22, 2010
Matt Taibbi’s latest at Rolling Stone; also check out a blog post by Taibbi in which he agrees with Bailout…

Top Firms Cause $2.2 Trillion in Eco-Damage (UN)

Chris Sturr , February 19, 2010
From the Guardian; hat-tip to Larry P. World’s top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates Report for the…

Commercial Real Estate: 'Extend and Pretend'

Chris Sturr , February 18, 2010
I have been meaning to post this for a while–interesting post from the Financial Times’ Money Supply blog: Subprime 2.0…

Vancouver Olympics–At What Price?

Chris Sturr , February 17, 2010
For good alternative Olympics coverage, check out a three-part radio series entitled The Winter Olympics Comes to the Northwest…But at…

Kwak on Mankiw on the Deficit

Chris Sturr , February 16, 2010
From Baseline Scenario; hat-tip to LF. James Kwak and Simon Johnson have a new book, 13 Bankers: The Wall Street…

What to Do About Housing Foreclosures?

Chris Sturr , February 16, 2010
Dollars & Sense and the Boston chapter of Democratic Socialists of America are co-sponsoring a forum on the housing foreclosure…

Rethinking Poverty today

Chris Sturr , February 16, 2010
United Nations University (UNU) Office at the United Nations in New York will present a book launch this afternoon to…

The Bailouts Revisited

Chris Sturr , February 15, 2010

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