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Month: December 2009

Ponzi Collapses Nearly Quadrupled in '09 (AP)

Chris Sturr , December 29, 2009
From the Associated Press: By CURT ANDERSON, AP Legal Affairs Writer Curt Anderson, Ap Legal Affairs Writer —Mon Dec 28,…

Appeal to Our Blog Readers

Chris Sturr , December 23, 2009
Dear Regular Visitors to the D&S blog: If you read postings to the D&S blog via an RSS feed rather…

$57,077.60, Surging by the Minute (Jo Comerford)

Chris Sturr , December 22, 2009
Tom Engelhart’s last post of the year over at TomDispatch, is In Nightmares Begin Responsibilities: Why War Will Take No…

Krugman vs. Hudson on Samuelson

Chris Sturr , December 22, 2009
I was alerted by this post on Naked Capitalism to a back-and-forth between Paul Krugman and Michael Hudson on Paul…

Bernanke, Time, Senate Banking Committee

Chris Sturr , December 17, 2009
Well the New York Times website is reporting that the Senate Banking Committee just approved Ben Bernanke for a second…

Howard Dean: Kill the Senate Health Care Bill

Chris Sturr , December 17, 2009
From a Vermont Public Radio broadcast from Tuesday: (Host) Former Governor Howard Dean is back at the center of the…

Who Really Saved The Global Economy?

Chris Sturr , December 13, 2009
According to this Observer article, it was the global drugs lords: their money laundering activities provided the required marginal capital…

Stop Usury Now (William Greider)

Chris Sturr , December 13, 2009
From The Nation (but: do not take this as an endorsement of Martha Coakley—some of us voted against her in…

Left of Obama

Chris Sturr , December 10, 2009
Caught a broadcast today on a Boston NPR station of an Intelligence Squared–US debate over the proposition: “Obama’s economic policies…

More Sit-Ins for Single-Payer, Thurs. Dec. 10th

Chris Sturr , December 8, 2009
The Mobilization for Health Care for All, about which we have blogged several times, is having another Day of Action…

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