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Month: October 2009

Next Wave of Health-Care Sit-Ins

Chris Sturr , October 30, 2009
The Mobilization for Health Care for All had its latest big wave of sit-ins for single-payer on Wednesday (and this…

Steelworkers Form Collaboration with Mondragon

Chris Sturr , October 27, 2009
A very interesting collaboration–hat-tip to Mary Hoyer. Steelworkers Form Collaboration with MONDRAGON, theWorld’s Largest Worker-Owned Cooperative Pittsburgh (Oct. 27, 2009)—The…

The Yes Men and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Chris Sturr , October 27, 2009
Some of us are going to the Yes Men’s new movie, The Yes Men Change the World, tomorrow night. The…

Inequality Helps All

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2009
Goldman Sachs’s Griffiths Says Inequality Helps All By Caroline Binham | October 21, 2009 | Bloomberg A Goldman Sachs International…

Pensions: The Next Casualty of Wall Street

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2009
From Mark Brenner at Labor Notes: Pensions: The Next Casualty of Wall Street By Mark Brenner Nobody wants to admit…

Pay Czar's Ruling on Compensation

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2009
The Wall Street Journal, and (scroll down) Naked Capitalism, on compensation czar Kenneth Feinberg’s ruling on executive pay at seven…

Civil Rights Movement for the Middle Class

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2009
A guest post on Naked Capitalism. Hat-tip to Ben C. A New Civil Rights Movement is Afoot for the Middle…

Cashing in the War Dividend (Jo Comerford)

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2009
TomDispatch has a new piece by Jo Comerford, director of the National Priorities Project. See below for Tom’s introduction to…

Open Letter on Military Offensive in Central India

Chris Sturr , October 20, 2009
We encourage readers of D&S and the D&S blog to consider signing the following open letter. Hat-tip to our friend…

Homeownership Not All It's Cracked Up to Be?

Chris Sturr , October 20, 2009
An economist at the Wharton School just released a study looking at the ancillary individual and community benefits that supposedly…

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