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Month: August 2009

Doug Henwood on Teddy Kennedy

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
From Doug Henwood’s blog, LBO News. De mortuis: Teddy Kennedy and deregulation According to just about everybody, Teddy Kennedy represented…

On the Usefulness of Economics In Tough Times

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
This Washington Post article speaks for itself. Note that Alan Greenspan apprears to be a devotee. Needless to say, perhaps,…

On the Profitability of the TARP

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
Two views. First, Daniel Gross. Then, Yves Smith. I’m with Smith. Even if *some* pecuniary benefit eventually accrues to the…

One Forgotten Indicator: Restaurant Sales

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
Calculated Risk discusses the 23rd consecutive month of depression for restaurant sales. Restaurant sales performed heroically during the bubble, and…

E-books, Content, Advertising and Hardware

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
Emerging relations between, and implications for big media, discussed in this Financial Times article. E-book advocates highlight content evolutionBy Andrew…

Weekly Indicator Outlook/Monday's Indicators

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
First, setting the tone for market performance as the week starts is a Shanghai stockmarket loss of no less than…

4 Years after Hurricane Katrina

Chris Sturr , August 31, 2009
Grand Casino, Biloxi, MS, five months after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi. On August 29, 2005, the eye of…

US Personal Consumption/GDP NOT 70% GDP

Chris Sturr , August 30, 2009
Or so Michael Mandel insists. From his Economics Unbound/World Economy Blog: Economics UnboundGet It Straight: Consumer Spending is *not* 70%…

Elections in the Other Ueber-Exporter: Germany

Chris Sturr , August 30, 2009
Germany, too holds a general election very soon. The ruling center-right Christian Democrats, under chancellor Angela Merkel, have been expected…

US Second Quarter Earnings Roundup

Chris Sturr , August 30, 2009
From the New York Times’ Site: U.S. Second-Quarter Earnings Tough to BeatBy REUTERSPublished: August 30, 2009 NEW YORK (Reuters) For…
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