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Month: June 2009

2 On Subprime/Mortgage Mess

Chris Sturr , June 28, 2009
First, a link to Doug Henwood’s latest (June 25th) radio program, which features an excellent interview with Alyssa Katz on…

Giovanni Arrighi: Internationalist par excellence (1937-2009)

Chris Sturr , June 27, 2009
An obituary by Salimah Valiani for the left economic sociologist Giovanni Arrighi, who died on June 18th. It is originally…

How Striken Banks Are Making Money

Chris Sturr , June 27, 2009
You guessed it–fees. From Reuters: June 26th, 2009Fee bonanza spells more trouble for banksReutersBy: Alexander Smith Alexander Smith is a…

TDCotE (xii): Idealists Should Grow Up

Chris Sturr , June 27, 2009
The Dull Compulsion of the Economic (xii)A series of blog postings by D&S collective member Larry Peterson Idealists Should Grow…

Fast Food and Healh Care Reform

Chris Sturr , June 27, 2009
This Boston Phoenix review of the new film Food, Inc. contains much many people already know (it’s nice to review…

Incomes Surge, Wages and Salaries Fall

Chris Sturr , June 27, 2009
This is entirely due to the administration’s one off $250 payments to various groups receiving government benefits like Social Security;…

Yet Another Thing The City Can Be Proud Of

Chris Sturr , June 26, 2009
From The Financial Times. Reminded me of Karl Marx’s immortal New York Tribune piece on the Duchess of Sutherland, the…

Monbiot on Climate Change Bill

Chris Sturr , June 26, 2009
Obama should really change his slogan to “Yes, We Can’t”. I suspect this sort of thing will characterize the crafting…

Obama in His Labyrinth

Chris Sturr , June 26, 2009
From the Financial Times:Deficit disorder By Edward Luce Published: June 25 2009 19:53 | Last updated: June 25 2009 19:53…

UN Summit on the Financial Crisis

Chris Sturr , June 24, 2009
The G8 will meet in early July in the Italian town of L’Aquila, in a less luxurious setting than had…

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