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Background on Military Coup in Honduras

The Honduran military has forcibly taken President Manuel Zelaya and put him on a plane to Costa Rica.

Two very interesting reports from the Council on Hemispheric Relations (COHA) discuss the background to the coup.

21st Century Socialism Comes to the Honduran Banana Republic
discusses the moves that Zelaya had taken as part of the leftist wave in Latin America: joining the alternative free-trade alliance known as ALBA, raising the minimum wage by 60%, and announced plans to support indigenous groups and increase literacy. However, the report also details the increasingly autocratic actions he has taken when faced with opposition.

A quick update from Friday discusses the situation leading up to the coup.

The Christian Science Monitor has an excellent breaking news piece on today’s events.


  1. The U.S. has refused to label this event a “coup,” which is interesting because that means they are not under legal obligation to stop funding the new government.

    One can’t help but conclude that Obama has taken such a position because of Zelaya’s political agenda, which, as you mentioned, includes supporting Chavez, ALBA, drug legalization and so on.

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