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Month: May 2009

Failed Stress Tests…in 2004

Chris Sturr , May 31, 2009
From the Financial Times: Northern Rock risk revealed in 2004By Norma Cohen and Chris Giles Published: May 30 2009 00:03…

Job Fair Canceled Because of Crowds

Chris Sturr , May 31, 2009
Next up, bread lines? From the Boston Globe: A weekend job fair at a Dedham shopping center was postponed today…

Rallies for Single-Payer in 50+ Cities 5/30

Chris Sturr , May 29, 2009
From Healthcare Now!—important rallies this weekend, in a city near you (visit the website for a long list of cities…

Peruvian Workers Protest for Higher Pay

Chris Sturr , May 29, 2009
From the Latin American Herald Tribune: LIMA – Thousands of workers demonstrated in different Peruvian cities to demand improvements in…

Min. wage increases boost consumer spending

Chris Sturr , May 28, 2009
The most recent economic snapshot from the Economic Policy Institute fits nicely with an article from our March/April issue, Should…

Fed In the Headlights

Chris Sturr , May 27, 2009
Disturbing C-Span footage of Rep. Alan Grayson questioning Elizabeth A. Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, about whether her…

A Job and No Mortgage for All in a Spanish Town

Chris Sturr , May 26, 2009
Nice piece in today’s NYTimes about communists in Spain weathering the financial crisis. By VICTORIA BURNETTPublished: May 25, 2009 MARINALEDA,…

The Sinking Dollar (Wallerstein)

Chris Sturr , May 25, 2009
Very clear and interesting commentary by Immanuel Wallerstein; hat-tip to Bob F. Also check out the cover story from our…

The SEC and Investor Suffrage

Chris Sturr , May 22, 2009
Floyd Norris has an article in today’s New York Times about a proposed rule-making that the SEC just opened up…

Wells Fargo's Counter-Stimulus Strategy

Chris Sturr , May 22, 2009
Roger Bybee’s feature in our current issue shows how big corporations are taking the financial crisis and recession/depression as an…
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