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Month: April 2009

Chrysler to File for Bankruptcy

Chris Sturr , April 30, 2009
The big banks went for the deal, but the hedge funds wouldn’t budge. Now it’s headed for bankruptcy court. From…


Chris Sturr , April 30, 2009
From an interview with Robert Wallace, a geographer who has studied avian flu, on Democracy Now!. Hat-tip to LF. The…

Yes, Things Are Really Bad

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2009
Another fabulously depressing economic snapshot from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI): Unusually bad and getting worse by Josh Bivens Today’s…

Is Factory Pig Farming To Blame For Swine Flu?

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2009
In the face of what may soon become a global pandemic, the pork industry has begun lobbying to have officials…

Citibank and Bank of America Fail Stress Tests

Chris Sturr , April 29, 2009
Six of the nation’s 19 largest banks have failed the Federal Reserve’s “Stress Tests,” including Citibank and Bank of America,…

American Casino (GritTV)

Chris Sturr , April 28, 2009
Interview about a new documentary, on GritTV (also new? I hadn’t heard of it) with Laura Flanders (whom I remember…

Contours of Crisis: Fiction and Reality

Chris Sturr , April 28, 2009
We have posted the second article in a series by Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan. Here are the first few…

Workers To Control Chrysler

Chris Sturr , April 28, 2009
The Financial Times is reporting that under a restructuring deal for Chrysler, the United Auto Workers (UAW) will own 55%…

Corporate America: The Serial Job Killer

Chris Sturr , April 28, 2009
Sam Pizzigati writes that the biggest job killers in America are corporate CEOs. Will Obama stand up to them, and…

Lose Money Get Raise

Chris Sturr , April 27, 2009
The New York Times has a nice chart showing how CEOs from public companies are making out like bandits with…
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