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Month: March 2009

Trust Your Guts (Greider)

Chris Sturr , March 29, 2009
Joe Nocera likes Geithner’s new plan. William Greider, not so much. Here is an excerpt from his recent article in…

Obama vs. Cuomo on Bank Investigations

Chris Sturr , March 27, 2009
From Bloomberg: Obama Backs Banks, Seeks to Block Fair-Lending Probe By Greg Stohr March 26 (Bloomberg) — The Obama administration’s…

Single-Payer Updates

Chris Sturr , March 27, 2009
First, we noticed this excellent webpage, with links and resources on single-payer, from Physicians for a National Health Care Program.…

New Home Sales Fell In February, Not Rose

Chris Sturr , March 26, 2009
From Barry Ritholtz in the RGE Monitor: WSJ: Sales of new homes rose in February for the first time in…

Closures and Layoffs (Mar. 22-28)

Chris Sturr , March 26, 2009
This week’s Closures & Layoffs report from Mark Heschmeyer. I think we forgot to post this for a couple of…

Official Unemployment Numbers Grim

Chris Sturr , March 26, 2009
The latest official unemployment numbers from the Labor Department show continuing deterioration in the job market, setting a record for…

Wage Theft (NYT, ABC News!)

Chris Sturr , March 26, 2009
Kim Bobo, director of Interfaith Worker Justice and author of Wage Theft in America (which we excerpted here and here),…

Why Georgists Correctly Predicted the Crisis

Chris Sturr , March 25, 2009
For more on the Georgists, Henry George, and the idea of a land tax, see this excellent sidebar D&S co-editor…

Common Security Clubs

Chris Sturr , March 25, 2009
An exciting new project spearheaded by Chuck Collins, D&S Associate, and of the Institute for Policy Studies. ‘Common Security Club’…

Pensions In Peril

Chris Sturr , March 25, 2009
Those with their retirements in 401(k) plans have taken a huge hit. Those with defined pension plans aren’t free of…

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