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Month: January 2009

GDP Sees Biggest Drop in 27 Years

Chris Sturr , January 30, 2009
Just in from Reuters: By Lucia Mutikani |Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:33am EST WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The economy shrank at…

More AIG Bailout Bonus Bonanza

Chris Sturr , January 30, 2009
Back in November we reported that AIG had decided to give a reported half billion dollars and change to its…

Airlines In Tailspin

Chris Sturr , January 30, 2009
From the Financial Times: The airline industry reported on Thursday an “unprecedented and shocking” plunge in global air cargo traffic.…

CEOs Want To Use Bailout $$ To Bust Unions

Chris Sturr , January 30, 2009
Great post from In One Ear and Out the Other: Regardless of how you feel about the Employee Free Choice…

What's the Matter with Michigan?

Chris Sturr , January 30, 2009
What’s the Matter with Michigan? The Rise and Collapse of an Economic Wonder Mason Gaffney, Groundswell Nov-Dec 2008 (posted 1/29/09)…

Kristof: Apologist for Sweatshops

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2009
When I saw Nicholas Kristof’s column on sweatshops last week (Where Sweatshops Are a Dream), I just rolled my eyes,…

Capitalism's 60 Year Itch

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2009
Then again, many of these forecasters were probably saying, six months ago, that this would be a mild recession. From…

Jeff Sachs: There Is No Alternative…?

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2009
To a massive public stake in the economy? It sure seems like that’s what the eminent free-marketeer of yore is…

Bonuses–Not Wages–Sticky Downwards?

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2009
From The Times: The TimesJanuary 29, 2009Wall Street bankers keep two-thirds of bonusesChristine Seib in New York Bankers in America’s…

Capital Theory (Sans Capital?)

Chris Sturr , January 29, 2009
This piece from the Financial Times reveals the intricate contortions economic journalists are facing in a world of overwhelming state…
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