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Month: November 2008

Michael Perleman's Thanksgiving Rant

Chris Sturr , November 30, 2008
Cute piece, especially for a rant. From his Unsettling Economics siteMatter and Antimatter: How to Create a Crisis: A Thanksgiving…

Interesting Piece on Mobility

Chris Sturr , November 30, 2008
From the December issue of Britain’s Prospect magazine. A pretty good, easy-to-read treatment of some of the complications of measuring…

More on the Fed's Balance Sheet

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2008
From Credit Writedowns via Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism: If the Fed were a commercial bank, it might be declared…

He's Making a List, and Checking It Twice

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2008
Not Santa (yet), but New Labour’s loathsome Peter (now Lord) Mandelson. The idea of Lord M. being turned into some…

Weaponizing Credit Default Swaps

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2008
Another lovely investment strategy for tough times. From Friday’s Financial Times: Speculators are being armed by banks to hurt Main…

Bank of America Next?

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2008
Found this Reuters link on LBO Talk: After Citi, is Bank of America next? Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:52pm ESTBy…

Crowds trample Wal-Mart worker

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2008
This story is beyond words. NEW YORK — A Wal-Mart worker was killed Friday when “out-of-control” shoppers desperate for bargains…

Geithner & Kissinger Associates–pt. 2

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2008
From Bob Feldman: Treasury Secretary Designate Geithner’s Kissinger Associates Connection–Part 2 Between 1986 and 1989, U.S. Treasury Secretary-Designate Timothy Geithner…

3 Links on Global Demand

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2008
Reviving demand in the face of unprecedented deleveraging on the part of consumers and corporations (leaving governments–many already indebted to…

Why Should We be Surprised? (Yves Smith)

Chris Sturr , November 26, 2008
We noticed the article in today’s NY Times that the GAO will be releasing the first audit of the TARP…
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