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Month: October 2008

Bernie Sanders on the Senate Bill

Chris Sturr , October 2, 2008
Bernie Sanders, the Socialist senator from Vermont, joined 24 others in voting against the bailout bill Wednesday night. He had…

Wall St. Should Pay for any Bailout

Chris Sturr , October 1, 2008
We received this assessment of the crisis from Ian Fletcher, an economist in private practice in San Francisco. You can…

More Defense of the CRA

Chris Sturr , October 1, 2008
The right-wing chorus continues to try to pin the current financial meltdown on the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). In case…

Postmortem on the "End of the World"

Chris Sturr , October 1, 2008
This posting is from D&S collective member and frequent blogger Larry Peterson. To see more of his posts, click here.…

Auto Industry Hit Hard

Chris Sturr , October 1, 2008
The NYTimes reports today that the crisis in the credit market is hitting the auto industry particularly hard. The virtual…

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