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Month: October 2008

Thoughts from an Unusual Quarter

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2008
Poor performance on markets in New York, despite movement in money and commericial paper markets (and oil down another 4%!).…

Economic Positions of (almost) All the Candidates

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2008
Compare the records and policy proposals of not only John McCain and Barack Obama, but also Libertarian Party candidate Bob…

Bernanke Endorses Obama [sorta]

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2008
And this from the cranky side of the Wall Street Journal—the editorial page: Bernanke Endorses Obama There was a time…

Obama and Paul Volcker

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2008
From today’s Wall Street Journal, an article about Obama’s relationship with former Fed chair Paul Volcker; hat-tip to Shane Taylor…

…But It's Always Wise To Heed Nouriel Roubini

Chris Sturr , October 20, 2008
All the bubbles are bursting Radical, coordinated action among all advanced and emerging-market economies is needed to avert the looming…

The Worst May Be Over…

Chris Sturr , October 20, 2008
Markets worldwide are reacting favorably to (from Reuters): Interbank lending, stimulus provide hope in crisis Monday, October 20, 2008By Daniel…

Gordon Brown Raises the (Borrowed) Ante

Chris Sturr , October 19, 2008
From the UK Independent. Some really scary stuff here. The UK measures are, comparatively speaking, very bold, but the country…

Bailout-Related Giveaways

Chris Sturr , October 19, 2008
From Michael Perelman, who cites a Wall Street Journal article. Do try to resist the urge to punch walls…. More…

Financial Innovation in Desperate Times

Chris Sturr , October 19, 2008
But these are initiatives of (increasingly desperate) governments, not financiers. First, from The Observer (London): Bank Chiefs Ordered To Cut…

CEOs cause meltdown, take 10% cut of bailout

Chris Sturr , October 18, 2008
“Pay yourself first” goes the personal finance maxim. Apparently the current and former captains of America’s failed finance system appear…

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