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Month: October 2008

Automakers Ditch Jobs, 401Ks, and NASCAR

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2008
A quick gloom and doom update on the US auto industry today. Chrysler announced that it was cutting 1,825 jobs.…

On the More Serious (Only Just) Side

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2008
Interesting article from the International Herald Tribune on Paulson’s kicking-and-screaming acceptance of his “inner statist.” The last line is worth…

Greenspan Is Shocked! Shocked!

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2008
This definitely falls into the “Give me a break” category In case anyone didn’t know, Greenspan now runs a hedge…

NOT a Slow News Day

Chris Sturr , October 23, 2008
This posting is from D&S collective member and frequent blogger Larry Peterson. To see more of his posts, click here.…

Interesting Piece on Marx and the Crisis

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2008
From Stumbling and Mumbling. Hat tip to Economist’s View. I don’t agree with all of this, but it’s thought-provoking:Marx: less…

Something Good Comes Out of the Crisis!

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2008
Remember, though, all those who will be (and have been) hurt by the effects of this monumental waste; and that…

Banks Mine Data and Woo Troubled Borrowers

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2008
A good article in yesterday’s New York Times talks about data-mining companies that specialize in finding credit-challenged customers that banks…

Bleak Earnings Swamp Stocks

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2008
Just posted to wsj.com: By PETER A. MCKAY | Faltering profits and fears of global recession sent stocks into a…

More Bad News For Automakers

Chris Sturr , October 22, 2008
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian is cutting his losses by shedding part of his 6.49% stake in Ford Motor Company, and…

Trading Places

Chris Sturr , October 21, 2008
And, from Ha-Joon Chang (whose new book Mark Engler will review in a forthcoming edition of D&S), a fine piece…

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