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Month: October 2008

Interpreting Friday's Craziness

Chris Sturr , October 25, 2008
Some snippets from today’s Financial Times lead piece. All are horrific. Looming recession batters stocks By Michael Mackenzie in New…

Capitalism with American Characteristics

Chris Sturr , October 25, 2008
Creeping socialism continues. Of the costs, anyway….From today’s Financial Times: Treasury urged to aid car and insurance sectors By James…

It Wasn't Just an Overreaction

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
Stock markets got hammered today, but it was nowhere near as bad as some (including me) had feared it might…

AIG Keeps Sinking

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
AIG executives, back from their spa retreat and British hunting trips, are busily back at work throwing tax dollars into…

Dean Baker: Why Economists Get It Wrong

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
Another insightful commentary from the inestimable Dean Baker: Unlike custodians, cab drivers, or dishwashers, economists are not held accountable for…

Chrysler Slashes Workforce

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
Chrysler announced that it will cut 25% of its white-collar workforce of 17,300 by the end of the year through…

A Chronology of Today's Events

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
US shares seem to be settling down at with losses at a level below five percent. But today has still…

What To Expect Today?

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
From Nouriel Roubini …I was accused yesterday of being alarmist arguing that policy makers may have to shut down financial…

Black Friday?

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
Now we’ve got a particularly toxic mix of recession fear and possible reversal in interbank lending. This spells disaster. This…

Notes on the Financial Crisis (Tom Weisskopf)

Chris Sturr , October 24, 2008
We’ve posted three web-only articles drawing on notes on the financial crisis by Tom Weisskopf, professor of economics at the…
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