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Month: July 2008

The Doha Round: A Bad Deal All Round

Chris Sturr , July 31, 2008
An opinion piece in today’s Guardian by Tim Wise (former D&S editor, now of the Global Development and the Environment…

More on the "Fire Industrial Comlex"

Chris Sturr , July 31, 2008
Another report on the high cost of private contractors fighting fires, often saving rich people’s homes, with public money. This…

Forest Fires, Privatization, Prison Labor

Chris Sturr , July 30, 2008
The business program Marketplace, from American Public Radio, whose economic coverage usually leans pro-business (or cheerily “neutral,” which is to…

How hospitals are killing E.R. patients.

Chris Sturr , July 27, 2008
This is from Joel A. Harrison, author of our recent feature, Paying More, Getting Less, which provides a novel argument…

What free markets?

Chris Sturr , July 25, 2008
Our July/August issue is (finally) going to press; here is the Editors’ Note for the issue: The government’s response to…

Federal government trails 23 states on minimum wage

Chris Sturr , July 23, 2008
The latest Economic Snapshot from the Economic Policy Institute: The second part of a multi-stage hike in the federal minimum…

We're not keeping up

Chris Sturr , July 23, 2008
This is from our pal J-P Ferguson: There’s a good story by Louis Uchitelle, one of the Times‘s labor reporters,…

IMF = Death

Chris Sturr , July 22, 2008
A new study in the journal PLoS of Medicine by Cambridge researcher David Stuckler reports that the rise in rates…

Companies Get $100 Million In SBA Contracts They Don't Deserve

Chris Sturr , July 18, 2008
According to the Washington Post, a new GAO report identifies over $100 million in Small Business Administration contracts that have…

A Stronger Social Safety Net Would Free the Fed

Chris Sturr , July 17, 2008
This is from the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics column: It’s a widely held view that Chairman Ben Bernanke…

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