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Month: May 2008

More Collateral Damage From the Housing Crisis pt 1

Chris Sturr , May 28, 2008
The fallout of the housing crisis is affecting many more people than just those who purchased a home on dicey…

Former IMF Head Condemns Finance Sector

Chris Sturr , May 15, 2008
Germany’s president and former IMF head Hoerst Koehler has added his voice to the rising condemnation of the financial sector’s…

Big Time Capitalism's Coalition of the Wilting

Chris Sturr , May 15, 2008
Germany’s President (and former IMF head) Horst Koehler has added his voice to the rising chorus

Charles Tilly, 1929-2008

Chris Sturr , May 9, 2008
Professor Charles Tilly, a renowned social scientist, innovative theorist, and prolific author, passed away on April 29. In addition to…

If You Liked Bear Stearns, You'll Love Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

Chris Sturr , May 7, 2008
The New York Times reported today that the two mega government-sponsored mortgage lenders, who have single-handedly kept the US mortgage…

Join the Call To Promote Open Economic Debate at Notre Dame

Chris Sturr , May 5, 2008
A group of students at Notre Dame are campaigning to broaden the ideological scope of the economics department there. According…

Dockworkers of the World Unite!

Chris Sturr , May 1, 2008
In a potent reminder of what organized labor can do, thousands of dockworkers along all 29 West Coast ports took…

CEOs of America Unite!

Chris Sturr , May 1, 2008
Kiwitobes has put together an interesting visual representation of overlapping membership on corporate boards among the largest U.S. corporations. This…

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