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Month: February 2008

D&S Columnist John Miller on the Air

Chris Sturr , February 29, 2008
On February 16th, John Miller—economist, D&S collective member, and author of our regular column “Up Against the Wall Street Journal“—was…

Comcast Blocks Public Debate at FCC Hearing

Chris Sturr , February 26, 2008
This just in from the folks at SavetheInternet.com (about the forum on net neutrality we announced in this earlier posting):…

Upcoming Event on Colombia and SPP

Chris Sturr , February 26, 2008
Our last posting announced an event to be held tomorrow (Feb. 27th) on the assasination of Colombian labor activists. Here’s…

Murders of trade unionists go unpunished in Colombia

Chris Sturr , February 26, 2008
This from an Economic Snapshot from the Economic Policy Institute is by Tony Avirgan: Colombia is the most dangerous country…

Washington's Double Standard

Chris Sturr , February 25, 2008
An editorial by Eduardo Porter in yesterday’s New York Times points out the double standard in the U.S. government’s response…

The Three Trillion Dollar War

Chris Sturr , February 25, 2008
Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes have updated their estimate of the costs to the United States (direct and indirect) of…

A Cartoon Sub-Prime Primer

Chris Sturr , February 22, 2008
A very funny cartoon introduction to the mortgage meltdown here. Just click on the forward arrow to see the slide…

McCain in Bed with Lobbyists; Taxpayers Get Screwed

Chris Sturr , February 21, 2008
Today’s New York Times quotes D&S author Bill Black, in the article critical of Sen. John McCain that is raising…

Comcast in the Hot Seat at FCC Internet Hearing

Chris Sturr , February 21, 2008
Legal scholars, technology experts, entrepreneurs make the case for an open Internet CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — On Monday, Comcast will be…

Homeless take to the airwaves tonight

Chris Sturr , February 20, 2008
The 11th Annual Homelessness Marathon, a 14-hour national radio dialogue on poverty and housing in the US, will take place…

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