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Month: November 2006

Arizona seizes migrants' remittances

Chris Sturr , November 30, 2006
A follow-up to our coverage (1,2) of Arizona’s attempt to finance its border wall with a tax on money wired…

Florida was built on free enterprise

Chris Sturr , November 29, 2006
In another Rethinking Schools article that is not online, University of Texas journalism professor Robert Jensen tells us, “One way…

The psychology (and economics and marketing) of overeating

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2006
While we recover from holiday #1, Salon.com’s Katharine Mieszkowski interviews Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More…

Teaching globalization in high schools

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2006
At Dollars & Sense, we’re often asked if any of the readers in our book catalog are particularly geared toward…

Houston janitors' strike ends in contract

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2006
On November 20, The Washington Post reports After a month-long strike featuring local, national, and international demonstrations, Houston janitors reached…

A little economics can be a dangerous thing

Chris Sturr , November 28, 2006
First in a series: The Dollars & Sense Blog Recovers from the Holiday On November 16, arch free-marketeer and Nobel…

Econamici: The Plague Before Thanksgiving

Chris Sturr , November 19, 2006
I remember, in the fourth grade, snipping colored feathers from construction paper to make my Indian bonnet. That was for…

Econamici: Benefits of Military Spending

Chris Sturr , November 12, 2006
November 12, 2006 As Kevin Phillips recorded in Wealth and Democracy (2002), war has created the opportunity for many great…

Econ-Atrocity: Will it matter if the Democrats win?

Chris Sturr , November 3, 2006
Will it matter if the Democrats win?By Gerald Friedman, CPE Staff EconomistNovember 3, 2006 An Econ-Atrocity, brought to you by…

Capital Punishment for Capitalist Crimes

Chris Sturr , November 1, 2006

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