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November/December 2023

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  • French thumb

    Will There Be a Just Transition to Electric Vehicles?

    Nick French

    It depends on whether unions like the UAW can prevail against automakers who prefer EV work to be low-paying and unsafe. | Order this issue or subscribe.

  • Wise-Suarez thumb

    Stop Cheapening Mexico’s White and Native Corn

    Interview by Timothy A. Wise

    Mexico’s Undersecretary of Agriculture Víctor Suárez on the Campaign for Food Self-Sufficiency | Order this issue or subscribe.

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  • editors’ note Organizing Against Dystopia
  • the short run
  • cartoon The GOP Tax Policy Cycle
  • making sense Powell’s Interest Rate Reflex When Workers Flex Power
  • in review The Full Employment Horizon In 20th-Century America, by Michael Dennis
  • dr. dollar Race Inequality, Class Inequality