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September/October 2015

Annual Labor Issue

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  • Manicurist thumb

    Manicures, Pedicures, and Commodity Fetishism

    Zoe Sherman

    A manicure costs the customer $10 or $15. It costs the manicurist her freedom, dignity, and health. | Order this issue or subscribe.

  • Beedi workers thumb

    Missing Women Workers

    Sirisha C. Naidu

    Explaining the decline in women’s labor force participation in India. | Order this issue or subscribe.

  • the regulars

    • editors’ note “Born Free ... But Everywhere in Chains”
    • the short run
    • comment The Economic Dependency Trap of Capitalism
    • Primer Household Labor, Caring Labor, Unpaid Labor
    • in review Jessica Gordon Nemhard, Collective Courage