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January/February 2012

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    Different Anti-Poverty Programs, Same Single-Mother Poverty

    By Randy Albelda

    Four years into a period of deep recession and persistent economic crisis, only now has the p-word—poverty—finally surfaced. Read more »

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    Why the United States Is Not Greece

    By John Miller and Katherine Sciacchitano

    Even for those who understand that cutting deficits right now will only weaken a still-fragile recovery, and that weakening the recovery will only increase deficits, getting past the argument that “a eurozone crisis is on its way” is no easy task. Here is a self-defense lesson. Read more »

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    The Great Recession in Black Wealth

    By Jeannette Wicks-Lim

    The Great Recession produced the largest setback in racial wealth equality in the United States over the last quarter century. In 2009 the average white household’s wealth was twenty times that of the average black household, nearly double that in previous years. Read more »

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