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September/October 2009

Annual Labor Issue

  • unemployment line

    Unemployment Compensation:
    A Broken System

    By Marianne Hill | September 22nd

    Millions of workers have lost their jobs in the current recession, and many more are sure to join them. But unemployment insurance provides income to help tide these workers over this rough patch, right? Not so fast. The share of unemployed workers receiving benefits has gradually shrunk since the 1970s. Read more »

  • LehmanAIG

    The Bailouts Revisted

    By Marty Wolfson | September 14th

    Bank of America got bailed out, but Lehman Brothers was allowed to fail. AIG was rescued, but in July federal authorities refused to bail out a significant lender to small and medium-sized businesses, the CIT Group. What is the logic behind these decisions? Who is being bailed out—and who should be? Read more »

  • UAWSJ logo

    (Economic) Freedom’s Just Another Word for... Crisis-Prone

    By John Miller | Posted August 31st, 2009

    While the global economy is in recession, many of the star performers in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom are tanking. Read more »

  • IMF logo

    Beyond the World Creditors’ Cartel

    By Dariush Sokolov | Posted August 12th, 2009

    One group of financiers seems to be doing nicely in the global recession: the International Monetary Fund and other “IFIs” are enjoying a return to relevance and lining up for increased funding. Read more »

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  • Worker Direct Action in the Global North

    By Immanuel Ness and Stacy Warner Maddern

    Factory takeovers and bossnappings have followed in the wake of financial meltdown in the UK, Ireland, France, and Canada. | Order this issue or subscribe.

  • Building a Better Austin from Below

    By Carlos Pérez de Alejo

    Immigrant workers confront the construction industry in Texas’ state capital. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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